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Prepress Automation Software That Is Easy & Inexpensive

Prepress Automation Software should not be complicated and it should not cost thousands of dollars. Unfortunately most are and most do but we’re here to change that.

File Splice is a simple solution to merge files for print in cut and stack or step and repeat (n-up) format. It’s easy to get set up by starting with creating your own template. You can work in a team and the cost is less than a fancy cup of coffee each month.

Prepress Automation Software

Here is a very broad strokes overview of how the system works:

Create Your Own Layout Templates

Create the output you need by designing your own template. You can find detailed instructions here and it only takes a few moments. Save as many templates as you want to your account. Create templates for specific jobs, product lines, customers or anything else you run prepress for.

Upload The Files To The Template(s)

Connect via traditional FTP or drag and drop files right in the browser to upload your files to their specific templates. This manual process can be replaced with a API and the system can pull files into templates creating a fully automated process saving time and money.

Running the Software

In the merge section of the app you select the template you want to merge files within. Adjust the settings and click the build button. Again, this can all be set up as an automated process with some additional development however most prefer to manually make these few clicks.

The merge section is where you adjust all the settings to make sure you are getting the files outputted correctly. In the merge section you can adjust quantities, set overages, turn off and on cover sheets and custom slip sheets that can be inserted into builds, set the merge style and more. Learn about the functionality of the merge section here.

That’s the basics. Prepress Automation Software that requires no technical knowledge and can be set up in minutes. The app resides in the cloud and requires no software download making it accessible anywhere you can jump online. Because of this your merging of files can be done in a physical location apart from the printing/production location. Once you sign up you can get started instantly, there is no wait or activation time. There are no setup charges or account activation charges, just a simple low monthly charge for your account and additional team members. All our pricing can be found here

Finally we offer free support and setup. Reach out to us here and we’ll be more than happy to help you and answer any questions you may have.