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How It Works

The system is based around using templates.

A template is the format in which the system will output your files.

custom template for merging files

Step 1.

Choose or Create a Template

Use a system template or build your own based upon whatever requirements you have.

Step 2.

Upload File(s)

Drag and drop your files right in the browser for each template.


FTP credentials are provided at the top right corner of your account under your email.

Before uploading you can format your files with quantities. If you choose not to you can enter quantities once your files are uploaded in the system.

drag and drop PDF files to upload

Step 3.

Merge Your Files

In the Merge section select the files you want to merge and click the build button.

There are several settings here on the merge page, learn what they do at the PDF merge settings page.


In the History section you can see the builds being created in real time. When a build is done a download button will appear.

Click on the links in each one for further details on functions and features. Visit our YouTube channel for helpful video instructions.

Contact us if you’re stuck, we’re happy to help.