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How to Automate Your Web to Print Company with a Custom API

If you are in the web to print space in any capacity and want to automate your workflow including PDF imposition we can help. Let us create a unique API for your workflow that pulls PDF files into File Splice from your system(s) so you can free up countless hours of unnecessary labor.

In addition to saving countless hours by automating your pre-press process you will simultaneously reduce the margin of error. Using your own custom API is almost essential in the printing space especially if you are dealing with a significant amount of volume.

What is An API and why do I need one?

Application Programing Interface or “API” is a piece of software that allows different applications to communicate and work together. You can think of them as a contract between two parties. If one party sends a request that is formatted a specific way then the second party has specific instructions on how to respond. That’s the basics of an API. A set of guidelines for systems to communicate. APIs are essential for businesses and IT teams to work together in today’s market. They are key in streamlining operations and processes within virtually every sector or market niche.

custom api for web-to-print companies

If you want to learn the specifics of APIs and really get in the weeds technically you should start here with this resource page from AWS.

A Basic Example of How to Use an API in Web-To-Print

Here is a simple example of how you might use an API to streamline your web-to-print company. Let’s say you own a web-to-print site that takes and average of 50 orders a day. Orders come in from a variety of sources such as your retail website, Amazon, Etsy, Wall Mart, Red bubble and other platforms. Each order varies in size and quantity. To monitor 50 orders a day, format them, impose them in the correct quantity and then submit them for production could take literally several hours per day.

With your own custom API this could all be automated. As the orders come in the API connects to the order platforms, formats the artwork (adjusting size, orientation, quantity, etc.) and then passes it into File Splice for merging. Your hours of pre-press labor just vanished, the API is now your unpaid, on call 24 hour pre-press technician.

web to print API example

APIs Can Automate Virtually Anything

You can automate virtually any type of task with an API. The end result is huge reductions in labor costs not to mention eliminating the margin of error when a task is done manually. More often than not in the printing industry, especially web-to-print there are a lot of repetitive tasks. If you don’t consider using an API within your workflow you’re literally leaving money on the table. A good API will have a direct positive effect on your bottom line. Stop manually moving files between systems, renaming files, rotating file and more. Start now and take steps to get your own custom API coded and implemented.

What Does a Custom API cost?

Great question. Since there are can be many variables involved there isn’t a one size fits all pricing model for a custom web-to-print API. Every organization has different needs, systems and functionality so the cost is dependent upon that. We can say though that it’s not as much as you’d probably think. The up front investment will pay for itself quickly and continue to pay you dividends by reducing your labor costs.

You’re probably saying “yeah, yeah yeah”. I still want a ball park amount of what a custom API would cost. Well, if it’s something extremely simple it could be several hundred dollars. If it’s something with a lot of complexity involving multiple systems with multiple steps it could be in the thousands. The point is it is an investment to create your own custom API and it’ll pay for itself much quicker than you think.

Where Do I Start, How Can I Get My Own Custom API?

Reach out to us here and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. We’d also be happy to take a look at your system(s). We can give you a no charge, no commitment quote as to what your custom API would cost. Cheers!