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Merging Documents to Stay Organized

Wether you’re a project manager or a paralegal we can help you merge documents and stay organized. Keep your PDF files together and categorized by combining them with the File Splice app. You can merge files together in any size you need. They can be standard 8.5”x11” pages, legal size or you can even merge multiple PDFs together on a single page. The software can also scale them down according to whatever size you need.

How To Merge PDF Documents To Stay Organized

Out of the box File Splice has a standard 8.5”x11” template you can use to merge common size pages together. There is also a legal size witch is 8.5”x14” you have access to immediately upon creating an account. Simply upload your documents to one of those templates and click the build button. Your documents will be merged in line and you’ll get a multi page PDF with the documents that you uploaded.

If you need to scale down pages and combine them together on a single page that can easily be done. Create a template with the output page size you want. In that template you can enter the dimensions of the nested pdfs on that page. From there when you upload your files it will scale them down or up accordingly and impose them together on a single page.

merging documents to stay organized

Merge Documents With Your Team

The organization management section of your account will allow you to create an organization or “team” and then invite users. Once you have your team set up and users have accepted the invitation you can now see their uploaded documents and they will see yours. This allows you to not only share the PDFs they upload but allows them access to add files to be merged with yours.

This feature is especially helpful if you work in an organization where people are in various locations. It works as a repository of sorts and increases your efficiency. Anytime you can eliminate emailing documents back and forth that’s a good thing right?

If you need some assistance getting your documents organized and merged please email us. We’re happy to answer questions and set up your account at no charge.