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The goal for File Splice is to be a flexible, efficient, easy to use system to impose and merge large amounts of PDF in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We wanted to build a technical system for non technical users.

There are several solutions on the market but all feel dated and overly technical. Almost all of the large companies in the printing industry such as HP, Kodak and Adobe to name a few have a version of software that imposes and merges files. All those solutions come with a hefty cost and long term contracts. In addition there are all sorts of add on fees for maintenance, users, workstations, features, custom development, integration, etc.

On the flip side there are several smaller companies offering PDF combination software that is fairly priced however have other restrictions. The main restriction being that software that has to be downloaded locally. That means you have to upgrade it and keep it secure, you also can’t use it from any location. Also, more often then not the lower cost solutions had little features and not a lot of flexibility in terms of easily creating unique templates and sharing them amongst users in your organization.

With nothing on the market that fit quite right we built, a simple yet powerful web based PDF combination & imposition software.

PDF Combining Software for the Smallest of Business to the Fortune 500 Company

Just because a piece of software is expensive or endorsed by a large company doesn’t make it the best. If you are a small business that combines a few dozen files a month or if you are a huge corporation that uploads thousands of files from all over the world our system works and it works well. Save time, money, materials and bring projects to market quicker with our imposition software.

PDF files merged neatly on a page

Why Use ?

  • Web based. No software to download, no charges per workstation or “seats”. Log in and get to work no matter where you are on any machine anywhere in the world.
  • Low cost. Our low monthly charge to keep an active account won’t break the bank, no need to mortgage the house to get software to help run your business.
  • Template creation. By inputting a few values you can create your own PDF combination templates unique to your products. No additional development charges or technical knowledge.
  • Template sharing. Share your unique templates with other File Splice users. Have offices in multiple locations but want to use the same template(s)? No problem, you can easily share templates.
  • Free updates and upgrades. Since there is no software to download there is no charges or hassle to getting updated and upgraded software. We push updates, you log in and use it. It’s that simple.
  • Security. Built on AWS and and secured by SSL you can be confident your information is secure, safe and accessible with 99.99% uptime.
  • FREE SETUP. That’s right we’ll help you for free get your account set up and running. Sign up for the service and email us, we’ll be happy to help.

Questions? Contact Us.