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How To Combine 100 PDFs Into 1

If you have a 100 PDF files and you need to merge them to 1 file we can help. Actually if you have 1,000 or 10,000 or any number of PDFs we can help. It doesn’t really matter how many files you have. The File Splice system is built to merge large amounts of PDF files into the format you need for printing or production. Let’s take the example of 100 and turning it into 1. We’ll break it down into a couple of easy steps and at the end of this page if you still have questions reach out to us.

Why Would You Need to Combine 100 PDF Files Into 1?

More than likely because you were going to print them but there might be other reasons. Things such as archiving files, creating some type of step and repeat banner, making a display/collage, etc. Many of the users here on File Splice are in the printing industry in some capacity so the “why” is because they need to combine a large amount of PDFs quickly and efficiently in order to move forward with a job.

How Would Do You Combine Lots of PDF Files Into 1?

a 1" PDF file that needs to be multiplied and merged

It’s way easier than you think actually so let’s illustrate the “how” with a simple example. Let’s say you have a 1” circle design. You need to impose it on a sheet of paper that is 12” wide by 18” high. Simple math tells us that we could fit 12 across, 18 down for a total of 216 on that sheet. So really we just combined 216 PDF files into 1.

That’s not accounting for any bleed/spacing on the sheet for the printer grip and any commercial printer will require some. Since omitting any bleeds or spacing on a page isn’t realistic let’s say it’s required to space those circles .10” apart. That will take the amount of circles you can fit on that page to 10 across by 16 down for a total of 160. That will also give us an extra .55” of bleed on each side of the page and .25” of height. This is a very realistic layout that can be given to a commercial printer and they can go right to press with it. To illustrate it would look like this:

160 circle pdfs merged on to a single sheet

A Non Technical Approach to Merging PDF Files For Printing or Production

Given the example above you can see how it’s easy to merge PDFs at scale and quickly. Setting up your own template is super easy and done in literally seconds. Pair that with the ability to work in teams. File Splice’s cloud based software and you can see how we’re transforming the pre-press space to make it easier, more intuitive and quicker to bring new sizes and shapes to market.

If you have questions, want to demo the software or even want help setting up a template contact us. We’re happy to help you, really.