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Free Account Setup

The title says it all. Once you sign up for the service we’ll get your account setup at no cost. We’ll create any and all templates you need to merge your PDF files, walk you through how the software works and answer any questions you have. We’ll even do a few test runs with you so you are comfortable with the workflow. No strings attached and at no cost outside of the low monthly service charge. We just want to help you get setup and get you merging your files as you need. Simply contact us as soon as you’ve signed up for an account.

Free On-boarding for Imposition Software

Whatever size, shape or format PDF files you have let us set up a template specific to your requirements. We’ll get your input on spacing, bleed and margin and of course file size and get you set up and merging files in no time. We can also help you get cover sheets or order numbers imposed before each file if that is a requirement. A custom cover sheet before each file or an order number helps immensely if you are merging a large batch of PDFs that need to be sorted and or collated after printing and trimming.

pdf imposition in the cloud

Setting Up An Automated Prepress System

Another thing we can help with is automation of your prepress needs. If you are merging a large number of files regularly there may be an opportunity to save you a great deal of time by setting up an API that will pull files into the system. Give us a brief overview of your system and your needs and we’ll give you a no cost, honest opinion of how you might be able to benefit from some automation.