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The Best Imposition Software to Automate Printing PDFs

When you search online for the best imposition software to automate and print PDFs do you find only high priced software? File Splice is the best low cost, start-to-finish imposition software starting with artwork files and ending with PDFs that are ready for digital or offset print jobs.

Sheets of paper ready for the press. Use PDF imposition software for prepress setup.
Press operator readying sheets for PDF print job

File Splice is especially equipped for imposing multiple, uniquely shaped files in large or small quantities. Whether your business is focused on general flat paper-based commercial printing, daily print production, or you’re an individual looking to print a project for a client, File Splice is the answer to prepress PDF imposition.

Benefits of File Splice PDF Imposition Software

Some of the principal benefits for File Splice’s imposition software are:

  • Ease-of-use creating imposition templates
  • Streamlined press operator task efficiency
  • Reduced material waste to get the most out of your time and money from every print job

Easily set up pages for printing PDFs whether your goal is to print business flyers or produce mailing inserts. File Splice is the best and lowest cost imposition cloud-based software to hit the market. We automate the process of arranging templates for multiple files and pages. This saves a significant amount of time and increases productivity. With the simple user interface, impose files in minutes and preview your print-ready document so you’re guaranteed satisfaction.

Who Can Use This Imposition Software?

Anyone can use File Splice since there’s no technical knowledge required. We recommend it for MAC or PC, and for businesses or individuals. Whether you’re working in Canva or InDesign or CorelDraw, it doesn’t matter. Your printer can be a million dollar HP Indigo Commercial Press or a home office desktop inkjet. As long as your design is a 300 ppi PDF file you can utilize this imposition software.

Group collaboration is one feature of FileSplice's imposition software.
Group collaboration is one feature of File Splice’s imposition software

File Splice is for individual or group use. Your work group can access the same imposition software from multiple locations. Since File Splice is cloud-based it’s accessible from virtually any internet-connected device so any team member with permissions has access to it. So whether you’re in the next room or in the next state teams can upload, combine, and get PDF files print-ready.

Easily Create PDF Templates

File Splice works with any size or shape PDF. Moreover, it allows you to easily create and save your own print PDF templates with just a few clicks. Print layout style isn’t a problem either. This imposition software offers a range of layouts, such as step and repeat, and signature imposition, to suit different printing needs. In addition, the ability to insert names between files for easy collating or insert custom cover sheets to identify each file makes this time-saving cloud-based imposition software like having a team of sharp personal assistants.

FileSplice Imposition software prints PDFs with variable text for items like tickets, brochures, and flyers.
Tickets printed with the use of imposition software

Advantages of Cloud Based Imposition Software

File Splice’s cloud-based software has several advantages over desktop software, including:

  1. Accessibility: Gain access to File Splice from anywhere with an internet connection. Whereas desktop software is limited to the device it is installed on.
  2. Automatic updates: Automatic updates ensure the use of the most current version. Desktop software, on the other hand, requires manual updates. This means software to download or upgrade.
  3. Collaboration: Easy collaboration and sharing of files. This makes it ideal for teams working on projects together.
  4. Cost: Subscription-based and paid on a monthly or annual basis. That is more cost-effective than purchasing a one-time license for desktop software.
  5. Data security: The security of the data stored on the servers is our responsibility. This benefits businesses that may not have the resources to implement their own security measures.

So ditch the mega dot coms and sign in to File Splice for cost effective PDF imposition software.


Our team is ready to assist you with any questions regarding merging, sizing, file naming, data input and more. Contact us at info at filesplice dot com.