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Collate in Printing, How To Easily Identify Files

Collate means to collect and assemble printed sheets/material in a specific order or sequence. Based upon your needs for a specific job or product line you could have a few different requirements for how you need files collated. Here at File Splice we have two solutions we’d like to share that can help with collating.

visualizing collated pages
If you are a visual learner, here is a simple image explaining collating.

1. Using A Break Label As A Way To Identify and Collate Files

A break label is a low resolution copy of a file with a thick red border around it and the file name running across the middle. Break labels are placed before the start of each file to allow you to easily identify the end of one file and the start of the other. It looks like this:

break label for collating files

There is a simple on/off setting you can toggle between before merging a group of files. Turn it on and the system will automatically create and insert a break label.

get started  pdfs

2. Using Slip Sheets As A Way To Identify and Collate Files

Slip sheets are similar to a break label. The difference is they are a custom file you upload that is inserted at the start of each file. The slip sheet file can be anything you like and is a high resolution file. Popular uses are customer coupons, inserts with instructions, QR codes, etc. Like the break label the slip sheet has a simple on/off setting when merging files.

custom slip sheet for collating files

Easily Identify Files For Collating

Using one of these two solutions makes collating, sorting and identifying files simple. If you are a printer, web-to-print, packaging, kitting or fulfillment company File Splice can help you save enormous amounts of time when dealing with large quantities of printed files. 

We have a project in development that will allow you to sort and order pages easily for further collation and as soon as it’s live we’ll update this page.

If you have questions about making your workflow or project that requires collating easier, reach out to us. We are happy to help, we’ll let you demo the software and even get you set up at no cost.