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Merging PDFs As A Team

Working within a team setting to merge PDF files is something that can make life easy within almost any industry. Every profession uses PDF files as the standard document format. Having the ability to merge them as a team (from multiple locations) can be a major time saver. Real estate, marketing, education, law, medical, the list is endless when it comes to professions that can benefit from working as a team to merge PDF files.

PDF Merge Software You Can Use As A Team

The FileSplice system gives you the ability to add team members to your account and by doing so it allows you the ability to work together on the same PDF files and get them merged. Anyone in your team can upload files that are then seen among the team to merge and download them. Not only does this setup save time by bypassing the need to email or send PDFs outside of the system. It also creates accountability by allowing all team members to verify in real time if files are uploaded.

How To Create A Team

Within your account navigate to the ‘User Settings’ section. This is found at the top right corner in the drop down under your email. From there you’ll see ‘User Settings’ at the top and a heading that says “share with another user”. Simply enter their email and click the save button. That person will receive an email allowing them to sign up, if they haven’t already and then allow them to elect to be a part of your team. After doing this your accounts are joined and any of your templates, files and builds/merges are accessible by this new member of your team and vice versa.

merging pdfs as a team

What Size and Shape PDFs Can We Merge As A Team?

One of the big benefits to the our system is how you can create your own template for merging files. You have the freedom to create a template by inputting your page size, file sizes, bleeds, spacing, and more. You also have the ability to turn off or on crop marks, insert break labels between files or custom files that you use to identify where one file starts and another ends. Finally, you have the ability to change the way the files are imposed such as cut and stack, or step and repeat layout.

combine pdfs of any shape or size

With that being the long answer the short answer is any type of PDFs can be merged as a team. Regardless of size, shape or quantity needed you can merge PDFs as a team within the FileSplice system.

If you need help or have a question about setting up a team to merge PDF files, contact us. We’re happy to help.