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Combining PDFs Quickly & Easily

Get your PDF files combined quickly for pre-press or production by uploading them into our cloud based software. Read on for the basics of what a PDF file is and how you can combine them easily regardless of size or shape.

What Is A PDF and Why Would I Need To Combine Them?

PDF is a file format developed by Adobe in 1992 and stands for portable document format. It was developed out of the need to create documents containing a mix of media independent of hardware, software and operating systems. A PDF file can contain a variety of content. Things like text, graphics, form-fields, annotations (and other interactive elements) along with encryption for digital signatures, file attachments, etc. PDFs are the standard today in the business world for electronic documents.

Why combine PDFs? Here are a handful of reasons:

  • Book printing or e-books
  • Label or sticker printing
  • Record keeping
  • Creating presentations
  • Sign or poster printing
  • Printing name tags in bulk
  • Asset or safety sticker printing
  • Greeting or holiday card printing
  • Organizing promotional materials for production

…the list goes on and on. Since PDFs are such a versatile and widely used file format the reasons to combine PDFS are virtually endless.

How To Combine PDF Files Easily

There are dozens of downloadable software solutions for PDF merging. However the reality is that cloud based solutions are where it’s at. You need to be able to work quickly, efficiently and move without hardware or location restrictions. Our system at File Splice does that. You upload your files to the cloud with the correct naming convention and the system will do the rest based .

Combine PDFs for Printing with FileSplice

Out of the box your FileSplice account has some popular templates for merging PDFs. However, the real secret sauce is the templates section of your account. In the templates section you have the ability create your own templates to merge PDFs. That means you can create anything you need to get any size or shape PDF merged. From print ready 8.5” x 11” pages for your home printer to banner size prints. Once your output dimensions are entered you also enter the width and height, bleed requirements, spacing, and method of imposition on the finished page.

Once the template is built for merging your PDF files you can upload your files to be merged either via FTP or via our convenient web FTP found in the merge section.

Limitations Of Combining PDFs

Theoretically you can set your template output size to be a million inches long a million inches wide. Theoretically you could also upload tens of thousands of PDFs to be combined. But let’s be honest, that’s not realistically something anyone would need. A real world scenario is organizing several hundred to a few thousand small PDFs for printing on 12” x 18” sheets.

There really aren’t limitations to File Splice. The system is a robust PDF combining software and can be modified and even custom coded to your needs. Contact us with questions about how you need to combine your PDF files and we’re happy to help. Head on over to our contact us page to get a hold of us.