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PDF Merge Styles

File Splice currently offers two popular styles of how you can merge PDFs.

  1. Step and Repeat . The first file is laid out starting at the top left of a page moving across and down a page until the page is filled with that one design. Once the required quantity of that design is reached the system moves to the next design. It begins laying out the next design immediately after and so on until all the designs are built. With this setting you’ll see multiple designs on the same page.
  2. Step and Repeat, Page Break is the same as above, HOWEVER. Once the required quantity of a design is reached the system moves to the next page before laying out the next design. In other words each design resides on it’s own page(s).
  3. Cut and stack or deep down and right. This is a bit more complicated. It is used generally only in commercial printing where these are finished with a guillotine cutter and the printed material comes out in organized stacks of each design. With cut and stack the system starts at the top left of the page, builds down the stack to the bottom then back up to the right and down again, etc.

With either style you have the option to set the overage of you want to print for each file i.e. one extra file. If you want a break label between files and the ability to add what we call a “slipsheet”. A slip sheet is a unique design you can add at the front of each file that can be a coupon, message or whatever you like. You can upload your unique slipsheet to each template you create.

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